A Guide to the Spaarnestad's Seasonal Delights

Winters in Haarlem

Haarlem Wintser

Winter in Haarlem transforms the city into a picturesque scene straight out of a storybook, with its historical charm and a range of activities to suit all interests.

Cultural and Historical Exploration

St. Bavo Church: The Gothic St. Bavo Church, central to Haarlem's history, invites visitors to marvel at its architectural grandeur and the world-renowned Müller organ, famously played by Mozart. This site offers a unique blend of musical heritage and spiritual tranquility​​.

St Bavo kerk

Teylers Museum: Dive into the world of art and science at the Teylers Museum, the oldest in the Netherlands. Here, you can explore an array of exhibits ranging from fine art to natural history, perfect for a family outing or a solo adventure​​​​.

Unique Winter Experiences

Haarlem Christmas Market: The Haarlem Christmas Market, known as one of the best in the Netherlands, is a highlight of the winter season. The market features an array of stalls selling festive goods, live music, and culinary treats, creating a magical holiday atmosphere​​.

Boat Tours on the Spaarne River: A serene boat tour on the Spaarne River offers a unique perspective of Haarlem's winter landscape. Public and private tours are available, providing a peaceful escape and a new view of the city's architecture and nature​​.

Interactive and Fun Activities

Movie Watching in a Converted Prison: For a unique cinematic experience, visit De Koepel, a converted panopticon prison now housing a cinema. It's a perfect spot for enjoying a film while soaking in the historic and unconventional setting​​.

Museum of the Mind: Explore the complexities and wonders of the human mind at the Museum of the Mind. This interactive museum delves into mental health through personal stories, science, and thought-provoking exhibitions​​.

Shopping and Dining

Golden Streets of Haarlem: Haarlem's Golden Streets offer a shopping experience like no other, featuring a range of stores from fashion to antiques. Awarded the title of the Nicest Shopping City in the Netherlands, these streets provide a delightful shopping atmosphere​​.

Outdoor Adventures

Winter Wonderparadise Haarlem: For a fun-filled family day, visit the Winter Wonderparadise at the Pancake Paradise. This transformed venue features an indoor skating rink, Christmas stalls, and live music, making it a perfect winter destination​​.


Haarlem in winter is a blend of historical charm, cultural richness, and festive joy. Whether it’s exploring museums, enjoying the Christmas market, or simply wandering through the city’s picturesque streets, Haarlem offers a memorable winter experience for all visitors.

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