Celebrating Spring in Style: Haarlem's Annual Bloemencorso

A Spectacular Display Of Colors


Every spring, Haarlem becomes the stage for a spectacular display of colors and fragrances with its annual Bloemencorso, or Flower Parade. This vibrant event, which has captivated audiences since its inception after World War II, is not only a celebration of spring but also a demonstration of the artistry and horticultural prowess of the Netherlands. Let’s dive into what makes the Haarlem Bloemencorso a must-see event for both locals and visitors.

The tradition of bloemencorso

Historical roots

The tradition of the flower parade in Haarlem dates back to the post-war era, starting as a small celebration and growing into one of the largest floral parades in Europe. The event showcases the region's deep-rooted flower-growing heritage, particularly tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils .

Significance of the parade

The Bloemencorso of Haarlem is more than just a parade; it is a symbol of national pride and cultural heritage. It represents the resilience and renewal after the harsh winter months, celebrating the burst of life that spring brings to the Dutch landscape .

Highlights of the parade


Stunning floral displays

The parade features elaborately decorated floats, cars, and sometimes even boats, all covered in vibrant flowers arranged in intricate designs. Each float is a work of art, telling its own story through themes that range from historical events to futuristic fantasies .

Route and schedule

The parade begins in Noordwijk and travels through the bulb region, finally arriving in Haarlem. It typically occurs in mid-April, with the floats arriving in Haarlem on a Saturday evening and remaining on display throughout Sunday for public viewing. This provides a wonderful opportunity for photography and to appreciate the details of the floral arrangements up close .

Experience haarlem's bloemencorso

Viewing tips

To get the most out of the event, it’s advisable to arrive early to find a good viewing spot along the route. Consider the parade's schedule and plan accordingly to see the floats in daylight and illuminated at night, which offers a completely different experience .

Festivities and activities

The arrival of the parade in Haarlem is accompanied by various festivities including live music, food stalls, and activities for children. The city buzzes with excitement, making it a perfect family outing .

Sustainability efforts

In recent years, the parade has made strides in sustainability, using organic and locally sourced flowers and encouraging recycling and reduced waste during the event. This commitment to environmental consciousness adds another layer of significance to the celebration .

Plan your visit

Accommodation and travel

Haarlem is well-connected by public transport, making it easy to visit for the Bloemencorso. Consider booking accommodations in advance as the city becomes quite busy during this weekend.

Extended stays

Combine your visit to the Bloemencorso with exploring other attractions in Haarlem. The city offers museums, historical sites, and a charming old town perfect for extending your stay beyond the parade.

Local insights

Engage with local guides or tours to gain deeper insights into the parade's history and the significance of each float. This can enrich your experience and provide a greater appreciation of this colorful event.

Experience the magic of bloemencorso

For those planning to visit the Bloemencorso, here are a few tips to enhance your experience:

  • Arrive Early: To get the best views of the floats, it's advisable to arrive early and secure a spot along the parade route.
  • Explore Beyond the Parade: Take the opportunity to explore Haarlem’s other attractions, such as its museums, historic sites, and local markets.
  • Stay for the Night Show: Many floats are adorned with lights and offer a magical view when illuminated after dark. The evening parade is a mesmerizing experience not to be missed.

Haarlem’s annual Bloemencorso is a testament to the beauty of Dutch spring and the creativity of its people. Whether you're a floral enthusiast, a photographer, or simply looking for a unique way to experience Dutch culture, this flower parade is an unforgettable spectacle that brings together communities in a celebration of nature's rebirth. For more information on the event and detailed schedules, visit the official Bloemencorso website or check local tourism resources.

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