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Revealing Sights and Sounds only Accessible From The Water

Boat Tours Spaarndam

Welcome to Haarlem, a picturesque city where history and culture merge seamlessly with natural beauty. Known for its stunning canals and waterways, Haarlem offers a unique opportunity to explore its charms from the water. Boat Tours Spaarndam, a premier boat tour company, invites you to experience Haarlem like never before. With their diverse range of themed cruises, you're set for an unforgettable journey through the city's aquatic arteries, revealing sights and sounds only accessible from the water.

Unforgettable Themed Cruises

Gourmet Delights on the Water:
Indulge in a culinary adventure with the "Restaurant De Kolk Cruise," where gourmet wines and luxurious snacks complement the serene backdrop of Haarlem's canals. Perfect for food enthusiasts and romantic outings, these cruises offer an exceptional dining experience, blending fine cuisine with picturesque views.

Fun and Entertainment Cruises:
For those seeking a more vibrant atmosphere, the "Silent Disco Cruise" and the "BBQ Cruise" provide lively entertainment options. Dance the night away under the stars or enjoy a delicious BBQ on the water, making for memorable moments with friends and family.

Their Exceptional Fleet

Boat Tours Spaarndam

De Kale Kano:
Discover the elegance of "De Kale Kano," a boat that embodies sophistication and comfort. Designed for intimate gatherings, this vessel is perfect for those who seek a more personalized and serene cruising experience. Its refined interiors and smooth sailing capabilities ensure a luxurious journey through Haarlem's waterways.

De Prinsenboot:
"De Prinsenboot" presents a delightful blend of traditional charm and modern comfort. Accommodating up to 25 passengers, it's perfect for larger gatherings. The boat's spacious design and inviting atmosphere make it an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying a day out on the water.

Meet their Skippers

Captain Brian Bouwens:
Meet Captain Brian Bouwens, the passionate owner of Boat Tours Spaarndam. Growing up surrounded by boats, Brian inherited his love for boating from his grandfather, who built many boats and sailed them to distant lands. This deep-rooted passion for boating is evident in Brian's dedication to providing exceptional boat tour experiences.

Captain Dirk Valk:
Since April 2021, Captain Dirk Valk has been steering guests through Spaarndam, Haarlem, and surrounding areas with his extensive sailing experience. Dirk's expertise ensures a safe and enjoyable journey for all passengers on board.

What their Customers Say

Their customers' satisfaction speaks volumes about their service. They take pride in receiving glowing reviews from those who have experienced their tours. Their testimonials reflect the memorable experiences and quality service provided by Boat Tours Spaarndam.

Plan Your Perfect Trip

Boat Tours Spaarndam

Tour Options and Customizations:
Boat Tours Spaarndam offers a variety of themed cruises, each providing a unique perspective of Haarlem. Choose from their popular options like the Restaurant De Kolk Cruise, Borrel & Bites Cruise, or the Silent Disco Cruise. Customization is available to tailor your experience to your preferences, ensuring your boat tour is exactly as you envision it.

Booking and Pricing;
Booking your boat tour is easy and accessible. Visit their website for detailed pricing information and availability. Prices vary depending on the chosen tour and customization options, offering flexibility for different budgets and group sizes.

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