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Where History Meets Modern

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Nestled beside the historic Haarlem train station, the oldest in the Netherlands, Locael Centraal stands as a beacon of modern excellence and flexibility, offering an unforgettable blend of hospitality and taste. This unique venue, where the charm of Haarlem's storied past meets contemporary dining, invites guests to experience the perfect workspace away from home, embark on a perfect dining, or host memorable events. The proximity to this not only makes Locael Centraal easily accessible but also adds a layer of historical intrigue when visiting, making it a well known destination in Haarlem.

What makes Locael Centraal unique?

Restaurant Locael Centraal

The Ideal Workspace

Adjacent to Haarlem's historic train station, Locael Centraal offers an oasis of tranquility and productivity. With essential amenities such as free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating, it provides an ideal environment for professionals looking for a refreshing change from their regular workspaces. The convenience of its location, combined with a peaceful atmosphere, fosters both productivity and inspiration.

Dining Experience

The menu at Locael Centraal showcases a commitment to innovation and quality, offering a wide range of options from breakfast through dinner. Dining within sight of Haarlem's architectural jewel, the train station, adds a special touch to the dining experience. This unique combination of high-quality cuisine and the charming view enhances the overall enjoyment of each meal, making it a memorable experience for all guests.

Drinks and Meetings

Restaurant Locael Centraal

Locael Centraal is equipped with versatile halls that are perfectly suited for hosting a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to significant corporate functions. Each space is thoughtfully designed to create a distinctive atmosphere, ensuring the ideal setting for every occasion. Whether it's a casual meeting over drinks or a formal event, Locael Centraal offers the flexibility and ambiance to meet diverse needs.

Special Events

The vibrant history of Haarlem serves as the backdrop for the events hosted at Locael Centraal, integrating the city's lively cultural scene into every occasion. From DJ nights that bring the energy of Haarlem's nightlife to relaxed drinks that allow for leisurely enjoyment, events at Locael Centraal are an integral part of the city's cultural tapestry. This unique setting not only elevates the events themselves but also enriches the overall experience of participants, making each gathering at Locael Centraal an unforgettable part of Haarlem's cultural life.

Why choose Locael Centraal?

Locael Centraal distinguishes itself with its central location and the quality of its offerings, making it a prime choice for anyone visiting or residing in Haarlem.

Central location

Restaurant Locael Centraal

Situated right next to Haarlem's historic train station and just minutes away from the city center, Locael Centraal offers unparalleled ease of access. Its prime location serves as an excellent base for exploring Haarlem's picturesque streets, museums, and cultural landmarks, ensuring that visitors can easily enjoy a day of sightseeing followed by a relaxing dining experience. This central positioning not only makes Locael Centraal easily accessible but also embeds it within the rich tapestry of Haarlem's vibrant cultural and historical scene.

Atmosphere and hospitality

The warm and inviting ambiance at Locael Centraal is perfectly complemented by its friendly and attentive staff, dedicated to making every visit exceptional. From the moment guests step in, they are greeted with a welcoming environment where the focus is on creating a space where everyone feels valued and cared for. This commitment to quality service and a friendly atmosphere has established Locael Centraal as a favored dining destination in Haarlem.

Planning your visit

Locael Centraal is ready to welcome you with its doors opening at 08:00 on weekdays and 10:00 on weekends, offering a delightful range of dining options from breakfast to dinner. Perfectly situated at Kennemerplein 6, 2011 MJ Haarlem, the restaurant is not only easy to find but also conveniently located for those looking to explore Haarlem's rich tapestry of cultural and historical sites. Reservations can be made directly through their website or by calling at 023 - 201 6044 for Centraal and 023 - 574 6171 for their Bloemendaal location. Whether you're planning a casual visit or a special occasion, Locael Centraal caters to a variety of events and gatherings, with options to book for both small and large groups​​​​.


Locael Centraal transcends the traditional restaurant experience, blending work, leisure, and gastronomy in a harmonious ensemble. Discover the allure of Locael Centraal for yourself and be part of its continuing story of hospitality and culinary delight.

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