Discovering the Future of Work at Haarlem’s Koepel: Cupola XS

A Blend of Heritage and Innovation


Nestled in the heart of Haarlem, the Koepel presents a striking fusion of historical architecture and cutting-edge workspace design. Cupola XS has reimagined this iconic dome, offering a forward-thinking environment for today’s dynamic workforce.

A spectrum of workspace solutions

Day-to-Day Flexibility:

  • Day Passes: Starting at €30, these passes cater to those needing a temporary workspace, complete with high-speed internet and refreshments.
  • Strippenkaart: A flexible pass offering 20, 30, or 40 days of access over six months, ideal for regular but non-continuous use.
  • Flex Space Subscriptions: Tailored for varying frequencies, from 1 to 5 days a week, with prices ranging based on the chosen plan.

Long-Term Commitment:

  • Dedicated Desks: For €415 per month, this option gives you a permanent space in a shared focus studio.
  • Private Office Studios: At €1,050 per month, these studios offer a unique blend of privacy and community in converted prison cells.

The koepel as a digital innovation hub


Beyond being just a workspace, the Koepel, through Cupola XS, emerges as a pivotal tech campus. It's a breeding ground for digital innovation, particularly catering to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Modern workspace dynamics

Clubhouse model: Collaboration and community

Cupola XS adopts the Clubhouse model, creating designated areas for collaborative and team-based work, enhancing both the community and individual creativity.

Activity-Based working: A space for every task

True to the Activity-Based Working model, the Koepel allows members to choose spaces aligning with their current activities, whether it’s a quiet focus area or a collaborative space.

The hub and spoke model: Breaking the traditional office mold

This approach recognizes the value of proximity and community. It offers a hybrid model where professionals can work close to home while still enjoying the benefits of a shared workspace.

A workspace that adapts to you


The Koepel, spearheaded by Cupola XS, isn’t just a place to work; it's a dynamic ecosystem that adapts to the evolving needs of modern professionals. It’s an invitation to experience work in a new light, where flexibility, community, and innovation converge.

Discover the transformative experience of working in the Koepel. To learn more about the diverse workspace options and join this vibrant community, visit Cupola XS for more details​​​​​​.

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