Museum van de Geest

Exploring the Artwork Within Your Mind


The Museum van de Geest (Museum of the Mind) is captivated by the artwork that resides within the human mind, as nothing is as colorful, powerful, and simultaneously vulnerable as the human psyche.

Museum van de Geest

Located in the monumental Dolhuys in Haarlem, the Museum van de Geest invites visitors to contemplate various artworks that challenge stigmas and emphasize the importance of mental well-being. It raises questions about what is considered normal or strange, and prompts us to ponder whether it is we as individuals who need to change or if our perceptions of normality and abnormality need to be transformed. In 2022, the museum was honored with the prestigious European Museum of the Year Award.

In the Museum van de Geest | Amsterdam, situated within the Hermitage, visitors can explore Outsider Art. This unique art form is created by individuals who exist outside the conventional art world and often feel marginalized by society. Through their artwork, they express their inner worlds without concern for external judgment.

The Museum van de Geest provides a platform for these artists to share their compelling perspectives, allowing visitors to gain insight into diverse and authentic artistic expressions. By showcasing Outsider Art, the museum challenges traditional notions of art and celebrates the power of creative expression in all its forms.

Museum van de Geest

Both locations of the Museum van de Geest offer visitors a thought-provoking experience, shedding light on the complexities of the human mind and the richness of artistic creation. Through their exhibitions, the museums strive to foster understanding, compassion, and a dialogue surrounding mental health and societal perceptions.

Museum van de Geest


Whether you find yourself in Haarlem or Amsterdam, a visit to the Museum van de Geest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey of self-reflection and artistic exploration. Discover the beauty, depth, and resilience that lie within the human mind as you engage with these remarkable artistic expressions. The Museum van de Geest invites you to step inside and experience the profound impact that art can have on our understanding of mental health, identity, and the world around us.