New Awakenings UPCLOSE - MAY 18 & 19

A New Festival Experience in Spaarnwoude


Awakenings, renowned for its electrifying festivals, introduces a novel event, Awakenings Upclose, slated for 18 and 19 May in Spaarnwoude. This intimate festival diverges from the traditional focus on headline acts, aiming to return to the essence of electronic music with a focus on the pure enjoyment of music and atmosphere.

The Concept Behind Awakenings Upclose

Awakenings Upclose is designed to create a more personal experience, focusing on the connection between the music, the artists, and the attendees. By reducing the scale and emphasizing the quality of the music and the interaction, the festival promises an unparalleled immersive experience.

The Lineup: Quality Over Quantity

The festival lineup includes a mix of renowned and emerging artists, offering a diverse range of electronic music styles. Highlights include a 'trip to galaxy' set by Amsterdam’s own Joris Voorn, showcasing hypnotic and energetic techno, and a special house set by the traditionally techno-focused Russian artist Nina Kraviz.

Innovations and Highlights

New Stage Designs and Layouts

This year’s event features a completely redesigned venue layout and innovative stage designs, incorporating light art installations that promise to enhance the immersive experience. These changes are aimed at offering even the most seasoned Awakenings attendees a fresh and unique festival experience.

Unique Artist Collaborations

Awakenings Upclose will showcase special performances and collaborations, including sets by Speedy J and Colin Benders, ROD & Stranger, Kanding Ray & Gigi FM, and Amoral & Beste Hira, among others. These collaborations are set to deliver unforgettable musical experiences to the attendees.

What Makes Awakenings Upclose Stand Out?

Focus on the Music and Atmosphere

By steering away from the traditional festival model that heavily features headline acts, Awakenings Upclose aims to offer a more profound and engaging musical experience. This festival is all about being immersed in the moment, surrounded by the energy of the crowd and the captivating performances.

A Return to the Roots

Awakenings Upclose represents a return to the roots of electronic music, focusing on the essence and purity of the genre. It’s a celebration of electronic music culture, designed to bring people together in a shared experience of music and dance.

Practical Information and Tickets

Dates and Location

Awakenings Upclose will take place on 18 and 19 May in Spaarnwoude. Detailed information about the venue, including directions and accommodation options, will be available on the festival’s official website.

Ticket Availability

Tickets for Awakenings Upclose are expected to sell quickly due to the limited capacity and high demand. Attendees are encouraged to purchase their tickets early to secure their spot at this unique festival.

Conclusion: A Festival Not to Be Missed

Awakenings Upclose is setting the stage for a revolutionary festival experience. With its intimate setting, innovative design, and focus on quality music and atmosphere, it promises to be an unforgettable event for electronic music enthusiasts.

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