Overspaern Makelaardij

A Family-Owned Real Estate Agency Focused on Personalized Service

Overspaern Makelaardij

Haarlem-based real estate agency, Overspaern Makelaardij, stands out in the industry with its commitment to providing personalized attention and exceptional customer service. Founded by Jose, the agency has expanded over the years and continues to uphold its reputation as a family business. Their "no-nonsense" mentality and strong work ethic contribute to their success.

The inspiration to become an entrepreneur came naturally to the founders of Overspaern Makelaardij. They always envisioned charting their own course and following their own vision, driven by a desire to avoid the constraints of conventional employment. While entrepreneurship brings risks, it also offers numerous advantages. The founders recognize that being an entrepreneur means being constantly engaged in their work, but they believe that the rewards outweigh the challenges.

One of the major hurdles encountered during the establishment of Overspaern Makelaardij was competing against established real estate agencies without an existing client base. However, through their relentless dedication and hard work, they have managed to establish themselves as a well-known name in Haarlem.

Overcoming setbacks is an inevitable part of running a business. External factors such as market changes or internal issues like personnel problems can pose threats. However, the team at Overspaern Makelaardij has learned that having a contingency plan is crucial. By preparing for various scenarios, they ensure they can adapt and continue serving their clients effectively. They emphasize the importance of remaining humble during good times to be better equipped to handle challenges in the future.

When it comes to evaluating ideas, the team primarily relies on their intuition. They strive to understand their prospective clients' needs and anticipate the potential outcomes of their ideas. Additionally, they consider the goals behind each idea, whether it's building brand awareness, acquiring new clients, or simply adding value.

Dealing with competition in the real estate industry is a reality for Overspaern Makelaardij. However, they view their fellow real estate professionals as colleagues rather than adversaries. Their approach is to focus on telling their story in a compelling way, always aiming to outshine their competitors. They recognize that both successes and failures provide valuable lessons that help them grow and improve.

The best advice the team received as entrepreneurs is to have a purpose behind every idea. They believe that setting clear goals is essential for success. Johan Cruijff, a legendary footballer and coach, once said, "I have no secret of success, just give your best, find something you enjoy, and surround yourself with good people. Because alone, you can't achieve anything, but together, you can achieve everything."

Reflecting on their journey, the team at Overspaern Makelaardij wouldn't change much if they could start again. They are content with the way things have unfolded and the progress they have made.

Looking ahead, their future plans involve maintaining stability and continuing to provide personalized assistance to their clients. While it's challenging to predict the business landscape in five years, they prioritize sustaining their core values and ensuring exceptional customer service. They recognize that excessive or rapid growth can sometimes come at the expense of the business, but they remain open to exceptional opportunities that align with their vision.

Overspaern Makelaardij

For those interested in starting their own business, Overspaern Makelaardij's advice is to take the leap. They emphasize the gratification that comes from working on something of one's own and being able to implement ideas freely. Having a clear vision and confidence in the potential success of their venture is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Overspaern Makelaardij's story showcases the power of personalized service, hard work, and a strong sense of purpose in building a successful business. As they continue to serve the Haarlem community.