A Thriving Watersports Center in Zandvoort


Pepsports, a renowned watersport center in Zandvoort, emerged in 2009 with its humble beginnings as a small kitesurfing school. Over the years, it has experienced remarkable growth and diversification, introducing activities such as banana boating, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and organizing events, school camps, and surfcamps. With an unwavering ambition to expand and innovate, Pepsports has become a go-to destination for water sports enthusiasts. In 2019, the center relocated to a new, more prominent location on Boulevard Barnaart, further solidifying its presence in the Zandvoort community.


The Birth of Pepsports:

Founded in 2009, Pepsports initially operated as a modest kitesurfing school. It offered lessons and training for individuals interested in mastering the art of kiteboarding. The founders, Sjors and Randy, had a vision of providing high-quality instruction and promoting water sports in Zandvoort.

Recognition as "Rookie Entrepreneurs" and Expansion:

In 2014, Pepsports gained recognition for its dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Sjors and Randy were honored with the prestigious "Rookie Entrepreneurs" award, acknowledging their exceptional achievements in establishing the center. Encouraged by this accolade, they decided it was time to expand their offerings. Pepsports acquired a second boat and banana boat, improved the surf school's facilities, and introduced additional water sports activities, including surfing and SUP.

Diversification and New Ventures:

With a commitment to constant growth and innovation, Pepsports made significant strides in diversifying its services. In 2015, the center ventured into organizing events, school camps, and surfcamps, catering to both individuals and groups. Recognizing the importance of expertise in event management, Billy joined the team in 2016, bringing extensive experience and skills in organizing various types of events. Together, they established Pepsports Events, ensuring seamless coordination and unforgettable experiences for participants.

Relocation to Boulevard Barnaart:

In 2019, Pepsports embarked on another transformative journey by relocating to a new and improved location. Previously situated at the former Camping de Branding grounds, the center shifted its base to the picturesque boulevard of Zandvoort's North Beach. This strategic move allowed Pepsports to offer enhanced amenities, including a terrace for dining, storage facilities, and a small shop, thereby augmenting the overall customer experience. Presently, Pepsports can be found at Boulevard Barnaart 22, 2041JA Zandvoort.

The Future of Pepsports:

Pepsports continues to strive for excellence, with a firm resolve to evolve and adapt. The center remains committed to providing exceptional water sports training, organizing thrilling events, and delivering memorable experiences for all enthusiasts. By fostering a culture of growth and innovation, Pepsports aims to solidify its position as a premier watersports center not only in Zandvoort but also in the broader water sports community.


Pepsports has come a long way since its inception as a small kitesurfing school in 2009. Through dedication, perseverance, and a passion for water sports, the founders, Sjors and Randy, have successfully transformed it into a thriving watersports center. With the introduction of new activities, expansion into event organization, and a strategic relocation, Pepsports has firmly established its presence on the Boulevard Barnaart, offering an exciting array of water sports opportunities for individuals of all skill levels. As Pepsports continues to grow and innovate, its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the