Restaurant & Bar DIGA

Experience the luxury of refined Italian cuisine


Restaurant & Bar Diga offers a dining experience that is truly unforgettable. Guests are immersed in the luxury of refined Italian cuisine, accompanied by an exquisite selection of wines and beverages. At Diga, one can indulge in the beauty that Italy has to offer.

Restaurant & Bar DIGA

The open kitchen at Diga is a hub of culinary creativity, where the chef takes pride in using only the finest ingredients. Each dish is carefully prepared, showcasing the chef's dedication to quality and flavor. Fresh herbs from the restaurant's own garden add a delightful touch to the dishes, enhancing their aromatic profiles and elevating the dining experience.

Behind the bar, the world of (alcohol-free) cocktails unfolds, captivating both the eye and the palate. Skilled bartenders craft cocktails that are not only delicious but also visually stunning, complementing the overall sensory experience of the restaurant. Guests can explore a wide range of flavors, immersing themselves in the artistry of mixology.

The interior of Restaurant & Bar Diga is a testament to beauty and relaxation. From the moment guests step inside, they are enveloped in an ambiance of elegance and tranquility. The thoughtfully designed decor creates a soothing atmosphere, allowing diners to unwind and fully appreciate the culinary delights before them.

Diga invites guests to experience the richness of Italian cuisine in a setting that exudes warmth and sophistication. Every aspect of the restaurant, from the meticulously crafted dishes to the carefully curated beverages, is intended to transport guests to the heart of Italy. Whether indulging in a romantic dinner or enjoying a meal with friends, Diga promises an extraordinary culinary journey.


Step into Restaurant & Bar Diga and be prepared to be swept away by the flavors, aromas, and ambiance that define the essence of Italy. With each bite, each sip, and each moment spent in the restaurant, guests will discover a true appreciation for the culinary traditions and cultural heritage of Italy. Diga invites all to immerse themselves in this exceptional dining experience, where passion for Italian cuisine meets a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.



Restaurant Diga, situated at Damstraat 10 in Haarlem, is renowned for its exquisite Italian cuisine under the leadership of executive...