Restaurant De Zeeuw Moves to New Location

Haarlem Set for a Refreshing Change

Restaurant De Zeeuw

Restaurant De Zeeuw is set to embark on a new chapter as it relocates to a more spacious venue. The acclaimed eatery, currently nestled in the intimate setting of Nassaustraat 15, will open its doors at the larger Nassaulaan 1 location, the current spot of Restaurant Le Mortier, in early March. This move marks a unique venue swap, with Restaurant Le Mortier moving to the soon-to-be-vacated De Zeeuw location.

The new location

Janine and Jeroen de Zeeuw, the owners behind Restaurant De Zeeuw, see this transition as a logical step forward. "The desire for more space has been a long-standing one, both for our kitchen operations and for accommodating our guests more comfortably," they shared. Their extensive search for the perfect spot, which spanned almost two years and extended beyond the borders of Haarlem and even North Holland, finally concluded thanks to a serendipitous social media interaction. "It was our Instagram post that connected us with Philippe Favié of Le Mortier, who was looking to downsize, and things swiftly fell into place from there."

Rising stars in Haarlem

Restaurant De Zeeuw Moves to New Location

Since its inception in 2017, Restaurant De Zeeuw has risen to become a well-respected name in the local scene. The restaurant's reputation was further enhanced last year when it was tipped for a Michelin star following a leak in the media, and it currently enjoys a 14.5 rating from the esteemed Gault-Millau guide. However, the De Zeeuws remain humble amid these achievements. "Our ambitions are high, and we see the new location as an opportunity to better realize them. However, our primary motivation is to offer more comfort to our guests and ourselves," they noted.

Empowering the profession

The relocation is also about lifting the culinary profession, which often faces undue scrutiny. "We wish to shift the focus to the positive aspects of our industry - creating unforgettable experiences, inspiring people, and crafting cherished memories," the couple emphasized.

Janine and Jeroen de Zeeuw

Restaurant De Zeeuw Moves to New Location

The impressive backgrounds of both Janine and Jeroen de Zeeuw add to the anticipation surrounding this move. Janine, with stints at &Moshik**, FG**, Chapeau**, Vrienden van Jacob*, Chatillon*, and De Bokkedoorns**, has been recognized as the most hospitable hostess in 2009 and as a talented sommelier by Gault-Millau in 2018, the year she also won the Proefschrift Award. Jeroen, on the other hand, has an equally distinguished career with experiences at De Posthoorn*, Vrienden van Jacob*, and as a co-owner of restaurant Simple in Utrecht, enriched by international experiences in Michelin-starred kitchens in England and Belgium.

The final service and a new beginning

The final service at their Nassaustraat location is scheduled for Friday, March 1, with the grand opening at Nassaulaan planned for early April 2024. The new venue's interior design is a collaborative effort with renowned interior architect Manon de Groot.

Restaurant De Zeeuw is set to continue its legacy of fine dining from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 18:30, at its new Nassaulaan address. Reservations for the final meals at the current location and inquiries about the new venue can be made through their official website.

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