Skin on skin at Woodstock 69 for Zeezout 

Rain, Beats, and Beachside Revelry at Woodstock

Woodstock Skin on Skin

Last weekend, on June 9th, 2024, Woodstock and Zeezout hosted yet another amazing, one-of-a-kind party. The music was fabulous, and the atmosphere yet again lived up to the expectations we had. Let me walk you through the night as I recount experiencing this masterpiece of a show.

The build up 

Leading up to the event, like most events at Woodstock, this one was sold out. However, on the day itself, we discovered that many tickets were still available. This was due to the predicted weather not being as favorable as we had hoped, characterized by a gray sky and rain. Usually, this isn't ideal, but in recent years, we've observed that many people from all over the Netherlands travel to Woodstock for the parties, making it challenging for locals and die-hard fans to obtain tickets. With this inclement weather, however, an opportunity arose for locals to snatch up tickets.

Getting to the venue Woodstock

Getting there was easy: just a quick Uber ride from Haarlem Central, which took less than 15 minutes. Then, it was a short walk along the cold and windy beach to the venue. The line wasn't very long either, and I was inside in no time, having arrived around 7 PM, two hours after the doors opened at 5 PM. Once inside, I headed straight to the bar.

Key traditions and activities

Parties at Woodstock usually feature two key DJs: one to kick off the night and another to close it. This time, Bella was the one who started the evening. Having an opening DJ before the main attraction provides the perfect opportunity to really get into the vibe. We took this time to grab some drinks and food at the bar before the main event, Skin on Skin, began. Although the music at this point of the night is still great, it is often, as it was this night, a bit slower.

Skin on skin arrives

After spending an hour at the venue and settling into my usual spot right at the front, it was finally time for Skin on Skin to take the stage. I hadn't really heard of him before, until a few weeks ago when I came across some TikTok videos featuring Conor McGregor dancing in a club during his training camp. In the background of one video, the song "Burn Dem Bridges" was playing. That was my first introduction to Skin on Skin.

Building from this discovery, I started listening to his sets and mixes on SoundCloud and really liked what I heard. So there I was, around 8 PM on a Sunday, standing in my usual spot at Woodstock, despite the day's bad weather.

He came out on stage, and I didn't know what to expect, but he instantly blew us away. The mixes of hard house, techno, and house music were just perfect. Everyone I was with was instantly impressed, frequently exclaiming, "Hij draait echt lekker," throughout the night.

As the night progressed and the bangers kept coming, unfortunately, so did the rain. However, this didn't stop us. We all grabbed whatever we could to cover our heads and continued to party. Some took this as the perfect opportunity to run inside and grab their next drink. The rain definitely didn't ruin the atmosphere or stop the party.

Lights go on

Woodstock is renowned for its scenic location right on the coastline of Bloemendaal aan Zee, where the sunsets are truly one-of-a-kind with the ocean in the background. This makes it the perfect setting for a scenic daytime party. However, another stunning aspect of the event occurs when the sun sets and the lights come on. Woodstock69 showcases some amazing light shows, bringing stunning visuals to each performance, and this show was no exception.

I could spend hours describing it to you, but I think it's best if you see the images below to get a full appreciation.


The rest of the night, we spent dancing, drinking, and having a good time with friends. We ended up spending a considerable amount of time next to the DJ booth, and were even there when he played his hit song (Burn Dem Bridges)


Event Phase Details Impact on Experience
Ticket Availability Sold out early, then opened up due to weather Allowed more locals to attend
Travel to Venue Quick Uber ride and short walk; easy access Smooth start to the evening
Opening DJ (Bella) Set the vibe before the main event Warmed up the crowd
Main Act (Skin on Skin) Surprise performance, known from a viral video High energy and crowd engagement
Weather Conditions Started cloudy with rain later Did not dampen spirits, added to the unique experience
Visuals and Atmosphere Stunning light shows post-sunset Enhanced the scenic party setting
Overall Experience Dancing, drinking, good times with friends Memorable, enjoyable night


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