Spinning Group welcomes historic "Kraantje Lek" to its portfolio

A Historic Fusion

Spinning Group welcomes historic "Kraantje Lek" to its portfolio

A significant move, Spinning Group, a prominent hospitality group in Haarlem and surrounding areas, has proudly announced the acquisition of the historic "Kraantje Lek". This enchanting establishment, with its roots tracing back to 1542, represents a blend of rich history and modern hospitality under the now new leadership of Michael Kras.

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The history of Kraantje Lek

Located at the foot of the imposing dune De Blinkert in Overveen, Kraantje Lek has been a landmark in the Haarlem area for decades. Since 1739, it has carried the name Kraantje Lek, though its journey began as the herberg Rockaers in 1542. With its picturesque location surrounded by forests and dunes, and featuring an inviting terrace and playground, it has been a favorite destination for many.

Michael Kras's vision and dreams

For Michael Kras, the acquisition is more than a business transaction; it's the realization of a dream. "We believe in the magic of Kraantje Lek and are committed to preserving this historical heritage for future generations," says Kras. This acquisition represents not just an expansion of Spinning Group's portfolio but also a tribute to the rich history of this location.

The philosophy of Kraantje Lek

Kraantje Lek distinguishes itself with its simple yet flavorful concept. No unnecessary frills, but a focus on delicious flavors, quality, and purity. Sustainability and local involvement are central to its operations, positioning Kraantje Lek as a unique culinary destination.

Spinning Group

Since its inception in 2015, Spinning Group has become a leading player in the Haarlem hospitality sector. With over 150 employees and multiple locations, the group has distinguished itself with its creative and distinctive concepts, with hospitality and loyalty at the forefront. The addition of Kraantje Lek to their portfolio marks an important step in their ongoing quest for unique and narrative concepts.

Future plans and developments

As Spinning Group prepares for a new chapter for Kraantje Lek, the company emphasizes their determination to preserve the unique charm and rich history of this location. Customers can expect that they will remain open to the public during the renovation period. For the latest information and updates, keep an eye on Kraantje Lek's website and social media.

Photo by: Studio Soon

The acquisition of Kraantje Lek by Spinning Group is an exciting new chapter in the history of both entities. It highlights a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the preservation of cultural heritage. We eagerly look forward to the future of this historic inn under its new leadership.

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Kraantje Lek

Kraantje Lek

Kraantje Lek in Overveen is an iconic inn nestled at the foot of the impressive dune "De Blinkert," offering a...