Empowering Haarlem to Combat Litter and Foster a Clean City"


In today's world, the issue of litter and its impact on our environment cannot be ignored. SUPmission, an inspiring initiative led by Karen, Kasper, Babs, and Marleen, aims to raise awareness about litter pollution and emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean city for both the present and the future. By creating awareness and motivating individuals to take action, SUPmission strives to make a positive difference in our own living environments. Together, we can make a clean city a mission possible!


A Shared Vision and Diverse Backgrounds:

Karen, Kasper, Babs, and Marleen may come from different backgrounds and possess unique expertise, but they share a common passion for environmental preservation and a deep love for their city. By converting their words into actions, they have become the initiators of SUPmission, driven by their green hearts and a commitment to effecting change.

SUPping for a Cleaner Haarlem:

As avid stand-up paddleboarders (SUPpers), Karen and Kasper spend nearly every day on the water. During their SUP excursions, they were struck by the staggering amount of litter present in Haarlem's canals, lakes, and shorelines. Motivated to make a difference, they began collecting the debris they encountered along their journeys.

Joining Forces: The Birth of SUPmission:

Recognizing the urgent need to tackle the growing waste problem, Karen, Kasper, Babs, and Marleen united their efforts and established SUPmission. Understanding the power of collaboration, the initiators devised an event that calls upon Haarlem residents to come together and clean their city, both on the water and from the shores. The response has been overwhelming, with numerous successful SUPmissions already organized, resulting in the removal of kilograms of waste from Haarlem.

Become Part of SUPmission:

Join the SUPmission movement and contribute to a cleaner city by helping to keep the water and shores pristine. We request a participation fee of €5 per SUPmission, which goes towards funding necessary materials and reserving a donation for our chosen cause: The Great Bubble Barrier.

Safety First and Effective Waste Disposal:

During the organized SUPmissions, they provide the necessary materials and adhere to the required safety measures of these times. they ensure proper disposal of the collected waste after each SUPmission, taking care of the environment beyond the cleanup.


SUPmission is a powerful movement driven by the determination of Karen, Kasper, Babs, and Marleen to combat litter pollution in Haarlem. By engaging the community and organizing successful SUPmissions, they have made a significant impact on the cleanliness of their city. SUPmission serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through collaboration and collective action. As the initiative continues to grow, it aims to spread its message and influence other communities to follow suit. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener future for all. Join SUPmission and be part of the change today!