Sweet Chili Returns to Patronaat

Introduction to Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili, one of the vibrant events produced by New Era Entertainmentgroup, is making its return on January 12th at the Patronaat in Haarlem.

The Line-Up:
The event boasts a stellar line-up of DJs like Dolore, Hitjesgolf Soundsystem, Crayflax, and Matta, promising a night filled with diverse and energetic beats.

New Era's Expertise:
Known for their innovative approach to events, New Era ensures that Sweet Chili will be more than just a musical event; it's an immersive experience in the nightlife scene.

A Night of Musical Bliss:
Expect an electrifying atmosphere, where each DJ brings their unique flair, creating an unforgettable night for all attendees.

Don't Miss Out!:
Sweet Chili at Patronaat is not just an event; it’s a celebration of music, talent, and the joy of a shared experience. It's an event that promises to deliver high-quality entertainment and an unforgettable night.

For more details, visit New Era Entertainmentgroup's website​​.

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