Top Restaurants in and around Haarlem City

Our top picks for Haarlem


Haarlems food scene definitely has something for everyone. From dining at the side of haarlems famous canal het Spaarne to enjoying lunch with views of the St Bavo church, the city has it all. From Michelin restaurants to small cozy Brasseries. Haarlem also has some of the best service with its restaurants filled with lovely staff who are happy to help you with your culinary journey through haarlem.  Here we have created a list of our top picks for Haarlem.

Locael Centraal

Locael Centraal located inside of the Famous Haarlem visit is also a must visit. The restaurant is easily accessible from all parts of the city and even beyond. The dining is also a perfect mix from traditional dutch dishes to different types of cuisines from all over the world. Locael has something for everyone. This is also the perfect place to have a bite before leaving the city or when you are coming back from a day away from Haarlem.

Restaurant Mano

Restaurant Mano is a definite must visit when it comes to Haarlem Fine dining. This stunning petite restaurant located on the Bakenessergracht offers some of haarlems best recipes The well known chefs “Kevin Kion and Daniël Damen” are known for using local and fresh ingredients to bring every dish to life. The staff is also lovely with their attention to detail and personal touch.

Brasserie Boudewijn

Brasserie Boudewijn in Heemstede should also be on your list. This restaurant offers the perfect chance to escape the busy city center of Haarlem and head on over to Heemstede centrum which is only a 10 minute bike ride from Haarlem. Brasserie Boudewijn offers an extensive menu with something for everyone. With their shared dining concept this is the perfect place for a night out with friends or family.

Brasserie Van Beinum

Brasserie Van Beinum, a locals favorite spot for drinks and a bite. With their international cuisine they have something for everyone. It's a very energetic place with people from all over going there. They offer outside seating as well as inside seating. Our recommendation is to order the Chili Cheese dog!

Nolita Haarlem Centrum

Nolita Haarlem Centrum known for its famous wood fired pizzas. This restaurant offers the perfect budget friendly experience in Haarlem. With a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff they stand out in the list of Haarlems finest. A must try pizza that we recommend is the Della Lana Tartufo. The restaurant also offers authentic Italian wines that go perfect with your pizza.

Spaarne 66

It says it in the name Spaarne 66 is located on the famous canal of spaarne. Spaarne 66 cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean taste. It's a cozy restaurant with the perfect terras for summer days where you can overlook all the boats passing by. It's also popular for locals for breakfast and dinner.

De Lachende Javaan

When you think of traditional Indonesian dishes in Haarlem the name De Lachende Javaan is the first thing that comes to mind. This cozy restaurant located on the Kruisweg is the perfect place to experience a taste of Indonesia in Haarlem. With friendly staff and an extensive menu this place will be sure to fill your desire for Indonesian food. A definite recommendation of ours is their sate.

Bistro La plume

Bistro La plume is one of Haarlems oldest and one of Haarlems best. Located at the Lange Veerstraat, this staples restaurant offers guests a Classic French cuisine with a modern twist. The interior is cozy with a semi open kitchen. Bistro La Plume also has a perfect terrace for those warm summer days or in the winters with the heaters on. The restaurant also offers excellent service. A Recommendation from us is to try their famous Stake sambal.

Restaurant Koper

Restaurant Koper situated on the Lange Veerstraat is one of Haarlems new fine dining restaurants. This restaurant Founded by Bas and Daisy who together bring many years of experience to Koper. Restaurant Koper offers various different menus from 3-5 courses. They use local and fresh ingredients and change the menu every 6-8 weeks to give guests a different taste each time they come back.


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