Transforming Haarlem's Nightlife With Lola Events

The Vision of Killian Popken


Haarlem, a city known for its rich history and cultural vibrancy, is witnessing a new wave of event organizing that's redefining its nightlife. Meet Killian Popken, the 30-year-old visionary behind Lola, an event organization that's not just about parties—it's about experiences.

The Birth of Lola

Lola was born out of Killian's passion for media and entertainment, nurtured during his studies. Joined by Manon Spronk and Benjamin Hulsman, his vision was to infuse Haarlem's event scene with diversity and creativity. The team at Lola doesn't just organize events; they create immersive experiences in unusual spaces, turning each location into a unique spectacle of lights, music, and interaction.

Music and Art


At Lola's core is a harmonious blend of disco and house music, handpicked local and national DJs, and a commitment to interactive experiences. A memorable event at a skatepark saw an artist take guests on a mental journey to the North Pole using AI to transform words into visuals, later painted live—an epitome of Lola's innovative spirit.

Advocating for Nightlife Culture

Beyond Lola, Killian's involvement with the Haarlemse Nachtwacht highlights his dedication to the city's nightlife. His efforts go beyond organizing parties; they encompass collaborating with the city to create spaces that foster cultural and creative expressions.

Lola's Future Dreams


Killian's ambition for Lola is clear: to grow a community that can access increasingly unique venues. A dream venue? A church transformed into a Lola-style party. With plans for a mini-festival and other unique events, Lola is set to redefine what it means to celebrate in Haarlem.

Killian's journey is more than just about throwing parties; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with the soul of Haarlem. As Lola continues to grow, so does the city's night-time allure, promising a future where every event is an unforgettable adventure.

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