Veerplas Festival / Vrijmibo June 2024

A Taste of Veerplas Festival/Vrijmibo with 24 Ice

Veerplas Festival

This year, Veerplas Festival took place in Haarlem for its 7th edition, and we were invited by 24 Ice to enjoy this beautiful event once again. With its wide range of food and drink options and various stages featuring all kinds of music, this festival truly has something for everyone. Veerplas Festival is one of only two festivals in Haarlem and has become a household name in the city and beyond.

Location of Veerplas Festival

Veerplas is ideally located on the lake of Veerplas, a well-known spot in Haarlem. It’s easily accessible by train, just a 10-minute walk from Spaarndam Station, and can also be reached by a short 10-minute bike ride from Haarlem Station. Upon arrival, you are instantly greeted by the scenic lakeside views of a bustling festival. Surrounded by nature and water, the setting offers a relaxed ambiance that greatly enhances the overall experience.

Lineup and stages 

This year, as always, we were eagerly anticipating Veerplas Festival's extensive lineup and various stages, and it definitely did not disappoint. From the Poespas stage, located lakeside with pop music, to the main stage featuring an impressive light show and grand scale, to the cozy 'kas', there was truly something for everyone. Our personal favorite was the 'kas', hosted by Borrels & Kopjek. The atmosphere was perfect, with the stage set up like a grow house. Here, we enjoyed performances by various artists such as Goodgirls Club, 22 Interns, DJ Sweet6teen, and more.

Veerplas now a 2 day festival 

This year marked the first time Veerplas expanded into a two-day festival, kicking off with Veerplas Vrijmibo. We found this addition to be perfect for starting our Friday. Veerplas Vrijmibo, held on the same premises, is a smaller version of Veerplas, with two of the stages closed. This creates a more intimate atmosphere, serving as a delightful precursor to the main event.

Food and Beverages 

The food and beverages at this year's Veerplas Festival were once again impressive. We'd like to point out that, in our opinion, Veerplas offers reasonably priced options compared to other festivals. The alcohol is fairly priced, and so is the food, with options ranging from pizza to oysters. Indeed, Veerplas has something for everyone!

24 ice 

As invited guests of 24 Ice, our experience at the festival was definitely made extra special. We got to enjoy some of their alcoholic ice creams, including the Porn Star Martini and the Fugel flavors. These were a perfect addition to the already great festival atmosphere.


Overall we had a fantastic weekend at Veerplas and enjoyed every moment. We want to thank everyone who made it special for us and we look forward to many more years of Veerplas.

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